Harold Christian Friedly

I have not posted anything since last summer due to a rigorous teaching schedule in South Texas that has taken up most of my time. Finally there is a moment for including the work of Harold Christian Friedly. I have had images from Mr. Friedly for a while and wanted to include them on this site.The images below have been published  in the Art section Journal  about  a decade ago. When I tried to get permission from him I learned of his death. If anyone knows any reason  I shouldn’t include them now let me know. I met Harold Christian Friedly at the American Art Section Conference held in Denver, the summer of 2003. He befriended me there and related many interesting stories, some personal and some about Rudolph Steiner and Anthropposophy. Among other things, he introduced me to a book containing Steiner’s Caricatures. The following are from a series of paintings by Mr. Friedly entitled: Metamorphosis of a Soul.

img001 img002 img005 img007 img009 img011 img013 img015 img017


PDF FILE of a Soul.