Arild Rosenkrantz

I have always liked the art of Arild Rosenkrantz since I first saw images of his work. His paintings are some of the best from the earliest period in the development in Anthroposophical art following the  indications from Rudolf Steiner. His skill is exceptional as is his mastery for integrating the traditions of western painting and this new impulse in art. I have thought about his work for a while now and still ask myself: “Are the stylistic tendencies in his art, those characteristics which indicate a personal perspective and tie him to a specific time in the history of art,  a hindrance to the over-all purpose of his artistic path, or are they a necessary and important aspect of his and any other artist’s work expressing  a consciously spiritual path.” This relates to my own inner dialogue concerning the place of the personal vs. the universal in art. I was pleased to find the following link to his works today and post it here and in the links Section:

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