Personal Disclaimer

I am not currently in the Anthroposophical Society and this site does not necessarily  represent the Society’s perspective. When I was a part of the first class, however, I took the admonition to represent Anthroposophy in the world seriously and I still do. I apologize for any flaws in this site but whatever flaws there are (aside from what is inherently flawed in the realm of computers and digital communication), they are mine. It is intended as one inroad from outside and for that reason, and other reasons as well, it may be helpful to lead others to Anthroposophy or Anthroposophical initiatives of both larger groups and individuals. By Anthroposophy and Anthroposophical I mean: that which flows from and through Spiritual Science and the being Anthroposophia . I don’t presume that what I am doing with this site and my own artistic practice is purely Anthroposophical, nor that it is necessarily acceptable to others involved with Anthroposophy.

I see the experience of hopelessness, terror, and despair as a common experience of our times. Finding Anthroposophy in my quest for truth and wholeness in the midst of a tumultuous life has been a Godsend. Our lives can seem incredibly complex and fragmented. I am trying to do something in my small way towards expanding the circle of wholeness, specifically in the Arts, which I have accepted as my calling.


Reuniting of Sun and Earth/ Marriage of Earth and Sky Done by myself in the 1990’s, edited from a photograph salvaged from contents of my flooded van in 2009. The original was sent to Maria St. Goar in expression of my gratitude to her.

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