The Art Section Newsletter

I just received the most recent issue of theNewsletterheadproduced in the USA by David Adams. I was struck once again by the diversity of what each issue contains and heartened by what seems to be an increased inclusiveness among practitioners and participants influenced by Anthroposophy in the Arts.

PDFs of most back issues can be found posted on the website of the Visual Arts Section in North American:

Here are some Specific images from the most recent issue, both from an article discussing “Anthroposphical Art” by Reinhold Fäth entitled:  From: The Aenigma Constellation -One Hundred Years of Anthroposophical Art.


Adelheid Petersen It Is Speaking out of Three Black Circles 1913 gouache, watercolor on paper 33.6 x 41.5 cm, Rudolf Steiner Archive, Dornach


Hilma af Klimt Dove No. 2, Group IC, Series UW 1915 oil on canvas 151 x 152 cm, Hilma af Klimt Foundation, Stockholm

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ASNL SubscrpsLetr Dec15

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