Free Columbia Yearly Fundraising

I got the following message from Free Columbia this morning:

ooooooo!!! only 48 hrs.

Posted by Free Columbia (Creator)

We can do this. $3344 in 2 days is DEFINITELY doable. But, unfortunately, we don’t have any angel donors hiding up in the belfry waiting to swoop down with a pot of gold, so we’re going to need everyone’s help. Can you share this message with friends? Or go to Facebook and share one of the various and sundry posts? Perhaps one of our videos on puppetry, shoemaking, or murals? Or one of the pictures from our Free Culture album? (You can find all of these below too.)

We think it’s always best to share because then new folks find out about Free Columbia and our radical decommodification of culture… but if you’re dying to donate a little more as well ($13 per person would get us to the end) we think that’s great and we wouldn’t say no! Thanks so much for your help in this final push!

Video Link

Free Culture album!


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