Seven Arts Parabola


When French eurythmist, Gabrielle Armenier recently visited UTRGV she gave a presentation to 2 of my classes and  helped generate discussion. Our particular task during her visit was to discus and demonstrate the relationship between sculpture and eurythmy. In my 3D Design class she drew the above diagram on our classroom blackboard. Durring this discussion, the question was generated: “What is Social Art?” Using this diagram helped, if not ultimately clarify , give a starting point for understanding the art of the future.

2 thoughts on “Seven Arts Parabola

    • Social art is not fully developed but is already apparent in the idea of interdisciplinary artistic practice and can be witnessed in the works of Joseph Beuys as well as many contemporary artist. I use the term, the Fifth Guard as a tentative way to explain the future role of art, to place before humanity in a conclusive and comprehensive way what it fully means to be human. Not a political fifth guard, but a cultural fifth guard; that we not slip into side-paths that dwarf the full expression of divine intent for humanity, that we become what we are meant to be, co-creators with the divine realm.
      What Gabrielle Armenier and I were dealing with more than this was the relationship between sculpture and eurythmy, basically reversed spiritual processes. Her work is compelling and beautiful:


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