Dr. Steiner had a Sense of Humor



I feel and think it is important for those involved in the anthroposophical movement to remember that Rudolf Steiner had a sense of humor as well as a life before anthroposophy, like Goethe in his semi-autobiographical The Sorrows of Young Werther. After all the centerpiece of the Goetheanum includes the Spirit of Cosmic Humor (note the upper left corner of the image above). As I mentioned in the last post, I am reading Steiner’s lectures on World Economy  You would not expect to find humor there, but last night I busted out laughing at one of his many anecdotal stories. I was first introduced to the caricatures of Rudolf Steiner by Harold Christian Friedly in 2003 at an Art Section conference in Denver: RUDOLF STEINER PHYSIOGNOMIES Caricatures

The Artist

The Artist


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