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.”Free Columbia is located in the very center of Columbia County, NY. The area is known for its rural beauty, small farms, many artists, and cultural organizations and initiatives.”

Free Columbia always has interesting things going on. Below is some of their recent work mostly from recent emails and some from their web site.

M.C. Richards Program
M.C. Richards

The program is named after M.C. Richards, a pioneer of Black Mountain College, a poet, potter, essayist, painter, and teacher. The program is one contribution toward her question: “What are some practices to strengthen and enliven living images, in contrast to mechanical and life-destroying images? And how may thinking itself be taught in ways that promote life, rather than estrange us from it?”

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We are happy to announce that we have recieved a grant  from Bridging Divides, a grant program of the Berkshire Taconic Community Foundation. The funds will support a project offering a series of workshop/discussions on racial justice led by Roxanne Wilkins. There will be background videos and reading that addresses the subject. The intent is to build a diverse community of people interested in the subject.
The next meeting will be on Saturday February 13 at 11 Maple Ave in Philmont, NY at 11 am. If you are interested to join this work, in person or by zoom please let Laura Summer  know. 518 672 7302In January the MC Richards students spent 4 intensive days working on artistic projects related to life and sequence. Here are some results.“Powerful trees: A journey of breaking down walls. Staying rooted to childhood while looking forward, planting new seeds and opening to growth.” 
Kyra Moyer“Faith in Trees”
By Isabel Dancey
Series based on personal childhood stories and pictures related to nature, festivals, and attending the service at church. “My Insides: Small Giants and Gentle Monsters That I Had Been and Am” Kai Naor“This mosaic was inspired by a piece of glass I found on the bank of the Hudson River, when I first arrived in New York. I wanted to work with this glass, as it was plentiful and though I am far from home, it symbolized a connection back to my roots in Michigan, where I grew up in a family of glass blowers. As these chunks of multi colored glass were washing up around my feet, I felt called to honor that part of my upbringing, as well as pay tribute to the gifts Columbia County has brought to me during my time here through repurposing local materials” Lucy Nordin“ A view through a window: an exploration of polarity and composition through textiles, 3D objects, and forms found in nature.” Sara Cruz“compositions of spaces and sites where most don’t wander”
Aiden PaulEvolutions of Earth
“Imaginations of Earth Evolution as described by Rudolf Steiner”.
Artistic renderings in watercolor. Sergio Rico“Red and Yellow” Felipe GarciaEve Hindes and Stefan Ambrose working on crankies. An expression of free culture | 2019 | Free Columbia
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