Edith Maryon

Edyth Maryon is best known for her work with Rudolf Steiner on the Representative of Humanity, the Group Sculpture with lucifer, Ahriman, and cosmic humor surrounding mim now in the 2nd Goetheanum,

The Representative of Humanity by Rudolf Steiner assisted by Edith Maryon

Most of her art, if it were done today, might not be considered Anthroposophical art. There is a distinct Neoclassical look to her work much like neoclassicists s of the 19th century, and to a lesser extent, similar to the Symbolists and Art Nouveau. However, she was drawn to Steiner, as many European artists were in the early 20th century, and was profoundly influenced by him, so much so that she dedicated her life to work with him on his artistic endeavors. This is yet another instance of an artist educated in art prior to her encounter with Anthroposophy yet lending her talents to the movement. Anthroposophical insights into artistic practice is just as important as anthroposophical art as a style or movement. This is a longer discussion, one which for me goes back to a keen study of the group sculpture and Steiner’s writings and lectures, not only on art, but on other subjects as well. I tell my students, that art reflects all aspects of human endeavor as well as all perceiving human perspectives. Anthroposophical art, is no different in this respect. If a person trains oneself, one can look at any work of art, and not merely critique the work from the standpoint of Anthroposophical concepts but nay be able to perceive the human experience behind the work and in the work. Why are we drawn to become artists, and if we are also called to become Anthroposophists, what then is our task as an artist? How are the two related?

Here is some more of her sculptural work:

OLYMPUS DIPlaster casts of eurythmy figures Edith Maryon, private collection
Reversible flaws supplement, made with plasticineGITAL CAMERA

The Pixies’ Ring
The Messenger of Death
La danse d’Anitra
Priestess of Isis

More of her work can be found at: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Works_of_Edith_Maryon

More Biographical information can be found at https://reverseritual.com/2021/02/09/

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