Owen Barfield

Intellectual Soul Quality – 1997
Sentient Soul Quality – 19
Consciousness Soul Quality – 199
Imaginative Soul Quality – 200

The first work I ever read of Owen Barfield’s was given to me by my second oldest sister who did not know of his connection to Anthroposophy. It was a collection of his essays. What i remember from the book, is his observations on television advertisements, equating , for one, Mr. Clean, and the Jolly Green Giant with spiritual beings. I consequently bought his book Poetic Diction. I did not know that he also painted. I found some of his paintings at OwenBarfield.org. What I found most interesting were the images shown above, representing the Intellectual Soul Quality – 1997, Sentient Soul Quality – 1998, Consciousness Soul Quality – 1999, and Imaginative Soul Quality – 2000. They also seem to relate to the 20th century color field movement.

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