Revisiting the Representative of Humanity as Form and Color

Representative of Humanity Forms by Stephen Hawks

I have focused on the representative of Humanity, Group Sculpture in past works, both 2D and 3D. This is my most resent revisiting. This type of interpretation is indicative of the way I interpret Rudolf Steiner’s indications for a new spiritual investment in art and its understanding. It does not have to be a critical cudgel to dissect non anthroposophical art but a way to understand the spiritual strivings of all art.. When we experience art, we may also experience the artist, the context, and the intent. There may well be flaws, but that may not be the most important thing we should focus on in any art. In Accademia, critical thinking may sometimes make us loose site of the merit and meaning, or even value, of that which is imperfect.

The threefold experience of art has more to do with identifying spiritual realities in art than it does condemning that which is outside of our personal preferences. If we do so we are practicing similar tactics as fascist regimes in their censoring of art.