Goethean experiment with Prism
Steiners Color Wheel

Here is a link to a Power Point presentation I give on Goethean and Steiner’s color theores. It is by no means comprehensive and I continue to reedit it. There are no notes. I cannot follow notes while lecturing and have always improvised using visual clues: Goethean/Steiner Color Theory.

Most of Goethe’s color theories can be found in his book Theories of Colour.

Most of Steiner’s Ideas on can be found in the compilation Entitled simply Coulors.

Both of these books can be found online in numerous places including the Rudolf Steiner Archives and Rudolf Steiner Audio.

Color arises Out of the Relationship Between Light and Dark. this is one of Goethes main tenants. Another is that colors are shadow. Goethe’s investigations into color arose in contrast and awareness of Newtons ideas  of color.

Goethe’s theories on color are phenomenological and can be verified by observation and by repeating his experiment.

Steiner’s concepts, in addition to physical observations, also contain his spiritual insights.

A good lecture on Goethe’s ideas concerning color by Pehr Sallstrom, can be found at His youtube site, PehrSall, has other lectures concerning color that may also be of interest.

Rudolf Steiner’s 1918 Project with Jan Stuten for a New
Colored “Light-Play-Art,” Metamorphoses of Fear
by David Adams

Most of the following images are from my own work and explorations of Goethe and Steiner’s Color theory(s) unless otherwise noted.

Why is the sky blue? Why is the sun orange/red at sunrise and sunset?

Color Theoryworkshop


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