Et Cetera


7 conditions of Consciousness by Stephen Hawks

This piece is one of my note book series done in Grad School when I was 48. It was not shown with my thesis but is definitely a part of that period of my artistic development.


Meeting the Lesser Guardian by Stephen Hawks

My abilities as a painter when I painted this image, representing a personal encounter with the lesser guardian, were indicative of my earlier experiences growing up with abstract expressionism and my experiences as an art student. My painting style was thick and decidedly expressionistic. Even though I caught some flack in my under graduate studies for not taking assignments seriously or following instructions, I was a part of the neo-expressionist movement without necessarily knowing it.


7 Planetary Symbols/ A Gate to Spirit Consciousness by Stephen Hawks

This work was one of the first notebook series. It was done during my independent painting course with Orion Wertz at CSU when I was working on an unfinished Art Ed masters degree. He asked me to switch from oils to Acrylic. This piece is both Acrylic and collaged paper from my notebooks. I used to draw the planetary symbols, both the traditional and after Steiner’s forms, every night as a meditative practice.


The Group after Steiner, By Stephen Hawks


Portrait of Rudolf Steiner after Photograph, drawn and digitally altered by Stephen Hawks

Below is a preliminary sketch which rose out of discussions in the late 1990’s for an Anthroposophical center. Even though it is derivative of the Goetheanum it was also patterned after the idea of a human larynx. This was more obvious in the clay model I did. I had another idea to include a less representational more formative version of Steiner’s Group sculpture inside the Goetheanum that would be positioned externally as if it issued vocally from within. I went so far as to do a small experiment of this sculptural form which was an outgrowth of my ongoing work with the ideas expressed in Steiner’s large  sculpture.

The Representative of Humanity created improvisational depiction as nonrepresentational form by Stephen Hawks

The Representative of Humanity By Rudolf Steiner

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