Statement of Purpose

Welcome to Art and Anthroposophy. This is an ongoing project for the purpose of presenting Anthroposophical art, Anthroposophical topics in art, including discussions about art informed by Anthroposophy, Artist features, aids for those creating art from an Anthroposophical perspective, and information and images for any and all comers. This will include philosophical, spiritual, and material topics, with indications and examples of theory and practice, as well as images of artists’ work. I also intend to include Anthroposophical art in historical context and art that to me, and future editors, may present some relationship to anthroposophical ideas or pose some further challenge, and or point of discussion. It is not a platform for advocacy alone but hopefully one for inspiration and challenge in a non combative context.

One area I would like to include, that I hope will be of use, is information and resources for materials, processes, and techniques, In other words, the realm of artistic practice. Some of these may come from the culture at large and not be specifically Anthroposophical, for example pigment sources that are eco-friendly.

Another important intended purpose of this site is to give artists interested in the ideas of Rudolf Steiner, in art as a spiritual practice, or in art from a spiritual perspective, suggested resources and inspiration.

Relevant suggestions, links, images, and articles are welcome. Please pass this site on and consider contributing and /or editing to make this site better!

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Stephen Hawks

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