First installment:

S: Sunday, February 16, 2014 2:24 PM

N and I used to like to eat the Krishna vegetarian lunches that were offered on FSU campus and there were Krishna gatherings at the FSU graduate housing where we lived. I was always outside of this spirituality in a way for some reason much like the Adventists in GA though they were usually gentle people and very disciplined – there is the barrier of dogma. The Bhagavad-Gita is a holy text, one I believe. But much like the Bible, I accept no one interpretation. Like all spiritual experience it must be present and relevant not dogmatic nor merely didactic. On the other hand, I do not reject the rational nor logic whose root is Logos both Greek and Christian. I depend on others to extend forgiveness and love but I cannot accept anyone else’s idea of what I must accept as true (note: This was a form of self protection. I would not word it this way. Presently I experience what I term “the other”, embodying other peoples perspective as a way of understanding.)- I wish to and often do intuit the truth in all things. There is a ferment in my consciousness now but I have to return to work. I take this seriously and am often not quite up to the task.  I met the counterpart to the weird sisters in my dreams last night. The danger of romanticism is that we lose the rational altogether. Or are drowned in darkness that will not release us and we cannot see the very light that we have in our hand or likewise enraptured by light and rendered incapable of action.



Yes, there should be no dogma. All religions have central truths that overlap, and are unified by the inner experience of them all, in esoteric and occult practice. A union with the center I AM, and communication with the holy guardian angel/ spirit guides to receive and know the personal tools necessary to obtain a direct relationship to the god force, to fulfill ones own divine spiritual mission.

I can understand that it takes a very unique type of mentality/disciplined awareness  to manage to walk between the worlds and not get lost, while keeping true to the work.

The second coming of The Lord,


His Truth keeps marching on!

(Today was such a tremendous day, on so many levels) We packed up early, but had so many more people come for aura readings and energy work back to back than on any other day. Can’t feel like honest work was done unless a total merging is felt with another persons energy, so a total sentimental mode was inevitable.

Staying in  —   —-  for the night, and will probably miss early morning class, but should be there in time for History, with the assignment.

What’s most  exiting to share though, are Martin Sharps cards, which have a new age approach to Tarot and Qabalalistic path work. There’s also a simple meditation on the Tree of Life that got pulled out, so you can check it out, if you’d like.


5 days “work” went into two magical rings, or three.

Any who,

see you tomorrow.


E: Wednesday, February 19, 2014 7:18 PM
This weekend we will have a couple of our house tools out at the Island. There is a John of God crystal light bed, which does color therapy off of Leumarian seed crystals; Chakra balancing with tuning forks; There is a Resonant Field Imaging software program which reads what energy your chakras are putting out and taking in, and various meditation CD’s.

John of God Crystal Healing Beds_1

In case you consider heading out, you will be more than well received and can have your pick of anything.General admission at the door is one dollar, but that’s it.

S :What are Lemurian  Crystals?

Metaphysically, all crystals are believed to embody energetically healing properties. Lemurian Seed Crystals are powerful meditation tools which bring a feeling of temporarily coming home for those who feel isolated,  lonely or that the earth is not their home. Lemurian Crystals were found in Brazil in 1999 lying separate in a bed of sand, unattached to clusters which is the normal way quartz points are found. It is said that these crystal were planted by the Lemurians within the Earth and they have a specialized purpose. They can be used for movement through the Earth Grids, aligning Chakras, intuitive communication, to receive knowledge and information and aid in the ascension and enlightenment process.lemurian-seed


S: When I mentioned I worked more with natural motifs and less with symbols. One of these meditations involves following the processes of growth and decay, the dying away and the coming into being expressed in nature. Another is the envisioning of the spirit kernel within a living seed and the potential growth within. There is a weekly meditation associated with the seasonal changes given by Steiner called the calendar of the Soul. Except for traditional names associated with spiritual hierarchy and terminology that is widely in use in esoteric and exoteric spiritual circles, much of what Steiner relates in his books and writings can be grasped with day /rational consciousness and is devoid (to some extent) of language that might evoke a prejudicial response in the reader. I say much because there is also much that might. His philosophical writings are in the traditions of western philosophical discourse. In Theosophy he is using the language of theosophy partially because it was for Theosophists, and to some extent it is the same in Knowledge of Higher Worlds. But this work is a good example of where he uses descriptive language to name beings as opposed to traditional names that might evoke prejudice in the reader. Occult Science is an example of where he uses a mixture of traditional and descriptive language, and often creates a language appropriate to the perceptions related.

E: Sunday, February 23, 2014 4:15 AM

Subject: Today

R is clairaudient, so she can hear, but not see.

She says a meter is non emotional so it wouldn’t influence the results, and is more reliable for consistent results.

Her mother was clairvoyant and never understood why she couldn’t see.

I am claircognizant, so it comes from thought and understanding, but makes it difficult/ strange to put a finger on it because it doesn’t seem to be anything other than what feels right. Kind of like, bypassing the conscious censor.

She loved You and N, and said, that no matter what, whats most important and would be most appreciated is if you both came out and played here with us in — —-.

Nancy can get on the crystal light bed and we can do the vibrational therapy and meditations with no worry.(also walk the labyrinth or tai chi)

(The puppies are kept in back, and they’re fenced in, so there will be no encounters or biting (as long as she can make it past the few feet of barking).

Oh, and if she would like to have her aura read too, R would love to do that for her.

Whenever you have time.

E: Feb 25

I’ve only begun to understand and practice a little of the approaches Steiner takes on the development of higher mental faculties or spiritual advancement. Most of what I have done has been based on path work and the spheres of consciousness. Man as a microcosm of the macrocosm in their likeness. And natural approaches in terms of calling in the nature spirits or the beings who are said to have established the blue print of creation. I understand that symbols are too crude/? at times, but at the same time what of the symbols that manifest as archetypes without conscious knowing that are shared by all at the inner levels?

Also this what just a thought that occurred, from you mentioning your troubles sleeping or taking care to not open up because of the adverse effects or toll it takes on you.

This is a simple visualization that is also for protection and remaining in your own sphere and keeping at bay unwanted energies.

Its called the cosmic sphere. and using the heart center as the base it projects outwards in to a three dimensional cross that in turn becomes a sphere.

      I     /

    I   /

__________ I /__________

/ I

/   I

                                                                            /      I

so a cross of blue that is from higher to lower, left to right and front to back. and then encircled. (The cross inside the circle) It doesn’t take more than visualization and intention.

(I use it when I go to a place where I would like to keep centered, and also aware without direct influence of the energies of others. whether physical or spiritual beings.)I should have mentioned the intent behind the cross and sphere.

Its brining down the energy/light from above, below, the four quarters and centering them in the heart/ allowing the heart to be their point of unity and manifestation.

I use the heart because on the tree of life its the halfway point between the upper spheres and the lower spheres. as a bridge between the two.

I think its similar to the seven pointed star, in that the 6 are called by the one.
“Jet, though known as black amber, is not amber at all. It is driftwood, primarily of the family Araucariaceae,  that has fossilized, metamorphosed to lignite coal. Jet’s energies of purification of energy and vibrations bring about protection on many levels. It has been used extensively for protection against evil and all negative energies. It is also a powerful protector against psychic attacks. It is also used for clairvoyance, past life work, and psychic work in general, as it purifies the vibration of the information coming in. Jet is used to remove energetic attachments, particularly those from other people, and it sloughs away negative energies. This makes it a particularly good choice for assisting in clearing the aura. Jet is used for spiritual quests, spiritual advancement, and to assist in opening one to awakening, with a rise of Kundalini energy.  Jet is used in rituals and magic to bring up and channel Earth energy including manifestation of will and desires. Healing grief is a primary purpose for jet in the emotional realm. Jet also eases anxiety and depression, calming anxious or fearful thinking as well as delusions. Ease of anxiety and depression can then bring about inner growth, increase self-reliance, and ease change in any areas of life.” https://www.pinterest.com/pin/561401909772982706/


S: Mar 4



I don’t think I’ve seen enough art for this statement to mean much, but that’s still one of the best representations of archetypal energy that I’ve seen.  The seventh and third seal move me the most.


Also, as I was looking for sources on the occult and its influence on European art I came across this book (which thankfully enough will be released in two days)



This is the link to some of my older work that includes more than ceramics. You can share it with R and G if you like. http://fineartamerica.com/profiles/stephen-hawks.html

E: Mar 5

I remember having seen some of these from that time in your office. They still make an impression on me/ impress me. That strange other worldliness quality that’s in them.

E: Mar 5 

(strange in terms of the familiar)

I know that these are not due till next class period, but two weeks seems an awful long time. So I felt to send them now, because they are floating around me.

  1. What happened to art criticism? What role did art play in the life of society during the 19th century where critics, philosophers, poets… through vision could asses their time and history and call for the realization of higher ideals. catalysts for movements?
  2. “These terms, as we have seen, must be used with a certain reservation. If cultural categories (Classical/ Romantic) are problematic and offer only an imperfect way to understanding history”, then what type of model could be brought forth/established that would be better suited.

S: Mar 6 

Here is the little I have typed of the Novel. The formatting was somehow corrupted. The rest is in a hand written form. Originally it was a novel in 3 books. Now it would be 4 or 5. 4 would be my parents lives and 5 would be now.

Other People’s Lives.docx


Thank You!

I will get to reading it now, but also, let me say. First. 4 are the elements. 5 are they governed by spirit (so already that feels right) and along the weekend. What has been established (Is a calling out of the box) often, we have to cloak. Our guided meditations tend toward what we perceive the general public could accept. Yet, today, we opened an old book, and from it decided to pull the meditation on the establishment of the inner temple. (This is not ours) it was information from a book now lost, so, what it calls for is totally esoteric and occult. Qabalistic in nature.The meeting of the Lower Guardian Angel, and the Higher Guardian Angel. (In the Qabala, these are like prerequisites) So the imagery described are a compilation of major “tripps” (blew my mind to acknowledge the fact that they could all be synthesized in a manner appropriate to share with all) Basically the map goes: Inner Sanctum (spiritual soul- Neshama) Entrance hall and library (mental soul- Ruach) Garden (emotional soul- Nefesh) Wall (aura)


-The reason it blew my mind, was because I did Qabala in the “chaotic” manner I understood for myself (without the training) yet, the “tripps” and symbols inherent in the meditation I experienced along different paths, at different times. This meditation sets the stage and allows for the full integration of all into one. Very Simple, yet honest. It would be very nice, if you could come and join us. I am excited, and would like to share the experience. (I do set up altars, but am always aware that without the inner, the outer is but a lame façade) This I feel, is good.

E: Mar 6, 2014, 11:20 PM

I’m still reading, but remembered, A couple of days ago (surely just yesterday) I went through one of my most favorite journals (that which holds my decrees, ritual invocations, and affirmations) and on the first page (where it describes to what it is dedicated) was written. “The first power to return, is the power to suffer” (I’m not sure who it was written by,  but still thought to share it)

S:  Friday, March 7, 2014 12:35 AM

I looked it up. It is Crowley: The Equinox vol. I – Page 116 – Wattpad

E: Mar 6

Oh I see,
Its his magical diary, he devoted himself maybe for a period of two weeks to intense practice. Every hour or minutes or so he would record his thoughts and actions (as they occurred) often going into prayers or rants,  Since he was a member of the society they get into what they call “scientific illuminism”  Where experiences and thought patterns, food intake etc. are all recorded, so that in the end, we can get an understanding of how he progressed (sorry if this isn’t the best explanation of it, its been years since I’ve read it) His goal was that total union with The God Force, that supreme vision and state of Oneness. I suppose he had already attained high initiation, and this was part of the end/beginning. (Although, regardless of its subjective validity, The Equinox put it in, so that students can have a better understanding of what a “good” diary looks like. The dates, times, and structure it employs.)


On another note: One of my favorite poems by Crowley (because he’s a little wild, and allows for running high) goes:


            Uncharmable charmer

            Of Bacchus and Mars,

            In the sounding, rebounding

            Abyss of the stars!

            O virgin in armour,

            Thine arrows unsling

            In the brilliant resilient

            First rays of the spring!

            By the force of the fashion

            Of love, when I broke

            Through the shroud, through the cloud,

            Through the storm, through the smoke,

            To the mountain of passion

            Volcanic that woke–

            By the rage of the mage

            I invoke, I invoke!

            By the midnight of madness,

            The lone-lying sea,

            The swoon of the moon,

            Your swoon into me;

            The sentinel sadness

            Of cliff-clinging pine,

            That night of delight

            You were mine, you were mine!

            You were mine, O my saint,

            My maiden, my mate,

            By the might of the right

            Of the night of our fate.

            Though I fall, though I faint,

            Though I char, though I choke,

            By the hour of our power

            I invoke, I invoke!

            By the mystical union

            Of fairy and faun,

            Unspoken, unbroken–

            The dusk to the dawn!–

            A secret communion,

            Unmeasured, unsung,

            The listless, resistless,

            Tumultuous tongue!–

            O virgin in armour

            Thine arrows unsling,

            In the brilliant resilient

            First rays of the spring!

            No Godhead could charm her,

            But manhood awoke–

            O fiery Valkyrie,

            I invoke, I invoke!


E: Fri, Mar 7, 2014 at 10:30 AM

The Magical Retirement of John St. John? I remember having read that, what did you take/get from it?

S: Friday, March 7, 2014 11:18 AM

I just glanced at it. It is a diary so you can take that into account. At a glance the language was all I noticed. It seemed archaic and artificial. other than that I can’t say. because I didn’t read it.

S: Mar 7

Compare this brief bio of steiner with the absolute self-interest of Crowley: http://www.forteantimes.com/features/profiles/109/rudolf_steiner.html

I understand the need to throw off the constraints of the world, to liberate one’s self from false dogma and unnatural taboo. But that is not in the case with Crowley, not where it ends. His “path” belies a further bondage. If it is freedom, one seeks then why choose to channel an entity other than one’s self. I often point to the Hindu sect of the Agora as an anecdote to prudishness and assumptions concerning the proper path to spiritual realization and have even applied certain principles myself that reminded me of movements that employ antipathetical behavior to induce awareness. But much of this is simply reaction against the failure of established order, not a true antidote. And what might that antidote be then? This is the question? Seeds planted and the fruit of those seeds.

E: Mar 8 

Yes, he seems more evolved, compassionate and grounded.
Advanced in what the others lacked.

E: Mar 8 

Crowley did have a downfall, in that he was about himself and lacked compassion. He path worked to try and attain power, and claimed “knowledge! knowledge over everything! (even love).

Had he been centered on love and understood it, he would not have crashed and burned as he did. He used people, particularly females with the ability to channel divine love and left them to wither, often ending up in mental institutions or committing suicide.

He lost it, and because of his wrong action, was punished for it.

He is good because he is a symbol of what can happen when becoming too fanatical about the supernatural powers work can liberate, but he did spend all his money on publishing occult knowledge for the general public, going against his order and attempting to share all that he could.

Yet, most of what he wrote remains incomprehensible to the general public.

When the Golden Dawns head died, they were left without instruction, and main headquarters did not want to share their insight, saying that if they truly had received high initiation they should be able to channel and receive further guidance from the other side themselves, therefore not needing support.


Rose Cross of the Golden Dawn.

At this point Mathers came in and said he had channeled and appointed himself as lead. (Here Crowley realized his falseness and broke away with the order).

We channel other beings, because they are our friends, our brothers and sisters on the other side, (there is a dark side) yet we work on the side of light, to try to re-establish the balance that has left the earth, and allowed her to fall into this chaos.

There is St. Germain, and his Violet Flame. What he did was allow us through his light, to re-establish that connection with our higher selves through the transmutation of negative karma, thought patterns, and blockages, so that we may reach our highest potential quicker/(instantly with time being relevant and in perspective). The grace process.


Saint Germain as pictured by various Theosophical and New Age groups

(note: There seems to be a lot of confusion on the internet, mixing up the several historical persons called St. Germain. I do not have time right now to sort this out or illuminate. I think in this case, she is talking about contemporary teachings, possibly from Elizabeth Clare Prophet.)

Most of this is astral work, the center and the circumference, understanding that the battle is great, and that we all have a role to play, if we choose to accept it.

-This might have gone a little off topic, particularly with Crowley, I’m not sure what he felt his mission was, he began so young and eager to learn, advancing quickly in his path work (but falling to the pleasures of power and lust)

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