Traditional Seven Planets in Relation to the Arts and Other Phenomenon from An Anthroposophical Perspective.

As you may have noticed in my last post, I am listening to Steiner’s lectures on Agriculture. I do this in my car as I drive from place to place. This summer I listened to his lectures on The Arts and Their Mission, driving across the country with one of my students, refreshing my memory after years since I first read them. I am also trying to immerse myself in the chemistry of Ceramics from an Anthroposophical perspective. I also have a long standing interest in geometry, specifically using the seven pointed star, along with the Rose Cross, in meditative practice. When I recently came across the configuration of the seven pointed star showing the relationship of the Arts to the traditional 7 planetary stages of Earth’s evolution, I thought it would be informative to combine an early blackboard study of the planets in relation to the metals and to bodily organs. Then I added in the stages of human spiritual evolutionary development.development. Colors and tones could also be added for contemplative use. It gets to be a little crowded after a while and it is not intended to be a dogmatic tool. It is useful for me and a tool in my teaching. It is possible to teach Anthroposophical concepts in a state university setting without preaching and not be sanctioned. There is still academic freedom to some extent. The processes of Accountability and assessment which lock us into the computer and are relatively devoid of any creative part, are at a certain point counter productive. But that is a whole other subject.

Chalk Board Fall 2015

“The starting point for a new life of art can come only by direct stimulation from the spiritual world. We must become artists, not by developing symbolism or allegory, but by rising, through spiritual knowledge, more and more into the spiritual world.”

From: The Arts and Their Mission

By Rudolf Steiner

Translated by Lisa D. Monges and Virginia Moore

Copyright © 1964
The Anthroposophic Press