New Poem

I haven’t posted in over a year, the longest I have gone I think.                                          Here is a new poem:

Unbidden Light

I have no clear way to explain
This uneasy calm.

A storm passed in the night,
Left students stranded at their homes;

The number dwindles
Whom I might call.

Who will let me know
I have a place with them?

My wife tonight has pain
From neck to base of spine.

She cannot move,
So little I can do this time.

She sleeps;
Rest changes us,

Gives us a place in darkness
Soft and warm.

Stories unfold,
Parallel lives,

Crossed against this one,
A life so cruel to some.

But I – my life,
Cursed / blessed,

Or so I thought,
Little more than a child-

With all I’ve seen,
How could the world not know?

The same as I;
Love renders every wound resolved.

Love renders and resolves
Uneasy calm,

In Soft Darkness and unbidden light.

A Poem for Advent

Advent 2015

I feel, I may,

Like Mary felt,

Visited by God

Then Raphael,

Then Jesus lain

In swaddling cloth.

A child’s thought

Had crossed my thoughts;

I crossed my feet

As Christ’s were crossed,

But where the nail

May then seen thrust

Through bone and sinew,

Blood stream forth,

I saw a vision of the Son,

Expanding light,

As sun stream forth

Like Eden shone:

A newborn Earth.