Free Columbia Fund Raising Campaign

Free Columbia is asking for this year’s support funding. You may follow the links on their web site to Contribute. I am also sure they will take donations year round:

From their website:

“Free Columbia is a six month full-time course exploring art, nature study, and social change in relation to the spiritual aspects of the human being and the world. And not only that! We also offer short courses, conferences, and events throughout the year, as well as courses for disabled adults, classes in prison, and an after-school program for kids. For the last 5 years we’ve been ACCESSIBLE TO ALL (funded 100% by gifts with no set tuitions or materials costs) but we’ve always had to fundraise as we went. Now we’re fundraising all of next year in order to become PAY-IT-FORWARD. In this way, new students will experience the course completely as a gift, and then can give and help fundraise for future students… Donate today!”