Sacred Geometry


I have not developed this page to the extent I had wanted to but here is a link to a site concerning projective geometry:

My investigations are often intwrupted and my intentions are not fulfilled. The above collage was one atempt to visually relate to the platonic solids. there are other things I wished to cover Frank Chester has investigated this subject further and is himself an artist:

I also wanted to expand on my Art Apreciation lectures on Chartres Cathedral. A fascinating video on the esoteric foundations can be found here:

I also wanted to investigate the geometry of the Gotheanum. Some Text and images of this geometry can be found here: Metamorphosis of the Architectural Space of Goetheanum -0and also here: Goetheanum Architecture Collection by MariJo

I am sure there is more written about this but I cannot remember when I first encountered the explainations of the Goetheanum’s architectural geometry.

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