In this exercise I had my students paint using first blue and yellow, painting the yellow first, and then red and yellow with less stress on which to use first. The last was using all three primary colors with no other instruction. Interestingly enough the solutions become more individualistic.

Below are several of Steiner’s blackboard drawings used saved from his lectures. View others  at: http://antroposofi.org/blackboard/index.html 

2 thoughts on “Teaching

    • It is not original but adapted. I doubt anyone can own this exercise. I have looked at several books on painting from an anthroposophical perspective and attended some workshops and art conferences. This and my own painting practice is where this comes from. Anything of mine on this site can be used. I borrow from many sources when I teach. I am relatively new to teaching. I need to be better about remembering and siting my sources.


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