Leszek Forczek’s

My wife, Nancy, went with a friend to a local church in Brownsville . When she returned she had a copy of the Upper Room. I grew up seeing this publication on the pews of my childhood church.  Oddly enough I have even been mentioned in it at one time in an article as the potter at Westville where I used to workAccording to their literature, “Although Upper Room Ministries® is interdenominational in its mission and make-up, it is a ministry of The United Methodist Church. All ministries (publishing and program) of The Upper Room are consistent with doctrinal standards articulated in The Book of Discipline of the United Methodist Church (2004 edition). ” I was somewhat taken aback. On the cover I recognized an image I had seen before and even if I hadn’t seen it I would recognise it as “veil painting” . It was an image by Leszek Forczek,
Blue Pieta, 1998. I would show it here but it is 
copyrighted. Here is a link: 


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